• Dry skin is not cool. Ever. Back in 2009 I was on an extensive search for a body butter that would transform my severe dry skin. After years of searching and thousands of dollars worth of products that did not deliver the results promised, I decided to visit my favorite place for creating new ideas. The kitchen.

    I started working with Shea butter in its unrefined form to see the consistency and changes that occurred with body temperature and climate. I hand whipped it, smoothed it and processed all the findings. After studying its rich origin and healing properties, I was hooked! 

    The first thing I did was start making whipped body butter and trying it on all my family members and friends. I had no intention of selling the product; I just wanted to see if it transformed their skin like it had mine! And to my surprise it did! I was overwhelmed at the love, support, and feedback that I received, not to mention the not so subtle push from loved ones saying, "You should sell this!" 

    So I set off to create a new, extreme moisturizing product that would revolutionize the body butter industry and change people's lives by improving their skin. I interviewed people and tried out dozens of scents, mixtures and formulas until I came up with something I would be proud to sell to consumers. 

    And so Shea Joy Products was born. From a dream, from a thought. From our heart to yours. 


    -Joy K.